Jewelry Is Always In Style

Always In Style 

No matter the time of day or season jewelry has always played an important role in our daily lives. Be it as a centerpiece to an outfit, or to add that “finishing touch” to an ensemble, there’s no excuse not to enhance your wardrobe with some fantastic jewelry and accessories.

Jewelry can add statement to a casual outfit made of a pair of jeans and a trendy top, or it can embellish an elegant evening dress. The secret is to enjoy your jewelry and let it express your style.

Here are a few distinctive styles from recent years that are sure to catch the eye.

Vintage Influenced Jewelry

The look of antique and vintage jewelry that had been passed down for generations, be it Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Edwardian, etc. has always appealed to jewelry lovers. The opulence and style of a bygone era inspires the fashion-forward look of today with unmistakable designs of “timeless” vintage jewelry. Mixing vintage jewelry to a modern wardrobe adds fabulously unexpected details to an outfit.

Natural Symbolism

Naturally, jewelry designers have long found inspiration in the romance of fanciful flower designs, since a flower is one of nature’s most delicate delights. Seeking to capture the fleeting beauty of flowers from sweet buds to lush blossoms. Whimsical nature-inspired fashions

Flowers are also rich in symbolism, and floriography has often been incorporated in jewelry. Floriography is known as the language of flowers, where meaning has been attributed to flowers for thousands of years.

Pins & Brooches

Jewelry pieces with and without precious stones have been trending for centuries. Whether interlaced in the strands of your hair, affixed to your favorite gown, or adding a dazzle to a denim jacket, diamond brooches are the most on-trend accessory.

Nowadays there aren’t any restrictions on how to wear a brooch, though it is recommended to pin brooches onto more structured, well-cut clothes with sturdier, tightly woven fabrics, avoiding silk or jersey knits to keep the jewel in place without damaging your favorite garment.

Additionally, transformable brooches offer more flexibility, featuring a section that can be removed to become a brooch, pendant or earrings.

Custom or Personalized

Sometimes if you can’t find exactly what you want, getting custom jewelry designed for you can be a great way to fulfill your unique fashion style.

It may be worth noting that there is a difference between customized and custom jewelry. If you personalize a piece of jewelry by engraving a message inside a band, or by “building” a piece of jewelry from a set list of options, that would make it a “customized” piece. Whereas custom jewelry is unique, and is designed from scratch just for you – it will be one of a kind.

Mixing of Metals

The rules used to state that mixing metals was something to avoid. So isn’t it breaking the rules to mix silver and gold? Well, the rules are changing! Now it’s actually on-trend to mix gold and other metals like silver and platinum or palladium with gemstones. As mentioned before, vintage style jewelry is continuing in growth, bringing back rose gold in a big way.

For those of you who live to wear a lot… “less is more” is no longer an applicable sentiment! By layering a variety of jewelry, in good taste of course, you can go all out and create a look that tells the world who you are with a single glance.

Your choice in mixing and matching metals in your jewelry is becoming more extensive these days. A tip for metal combination is to wear a piece of jewelry that already includes the metals you’re trying to mix, as it will help the look to come together harmoniously. For example, if you wear a bracelet that has both silver and gold, you can wear rings made of either metal and it will all work together. By having an anchoring jewelry piece which integrates the chosen metals, you can easily accessorize with other jewelry and accessories that coordinate with the tone and style.

Fashion or Costume Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is typically made with non-precious stones and metals such as metal, brass, bronze, and copper. These are necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets are often made with crystals, acrylic beads, leather, semi-precious stones, and Gripoix poured glass.

Glass was an important component of many decorative pieces and consequently the development of glass production was essential to the founding of the craft of beads in jewelry-making. Fashion jewelry can also include some gold plated or gold vermeil jewelry, though the base metal of fashion jewelry is typically brass or bronze.

The craft of costume jewelry didn’t originate in the fine jewelry houses but in the fashion ateliers, where craftsmen used their own techniques to design these stunning pieces.

Many of the vintage costume pieces designed during the costume jewelry hype have become collector’s items, bringing prices up to almost as high as that of jewelry containing gold, diamonds and other precious gemstones.

Embark on your adventure in the hunt for your next piece of jewelry today

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